Gabriel & Guillaume





Gabriel & Guillaume在新的顶级住宅项目中展示和销售有收藏价值的20世纪和当代的家具和艺术品。该公司已在四月份于纽约开业,预计六月份即将在旧金山开业。

艺术家Nathie Katzoff曾是一名木船的建造者,他设计的每个定制浴缸都是用可持续硬木雕刻而成,并以特殊的处理方法使浴缸表面光滑、有光泽,当然,还防水。价格:店洽

白瑞德·巴鲁克艺术设计公司(Rhett Baruch Art + Design)着眼于当代制造商,在洛杉矶一套1200平方英尺的公寓里出售时尚家具和艺术品。梦想发现:一把弗莱明·拉森(Flemming Lassen)椅子,一张来自诺尔(Knoll)的恩里科·巴勒里(Enrico Baleri)花岗岩桌子,艾米莉·卡罗尔(Emilie Carroll)的全陶瓷“太空釉”落地灯,或者一件设计师丢弃的时装摄影道具。

Giorgio Armani boutique

A Giorgio Armani boutique opens on Milan’s Via Sant’Andrea. The architecturally significant building houses four elegant floors with six themed areas for immersive displays of clothing and furnishings. Find everything from accessories to prêt-à-porter to custom designs with an emphasis on fine craftsmanship.

Bose Frames are stylish sunglasses with speakers built into the frame. Listen to music or make hands-free calls on the go. $200;

Michael S. Smith candle

Moon Glory

Acclaimed interior designer Michael S. Smith launches his new Jasper Workshop with the debut of limited-edition candles recalling the exotic scents of Spain—amber, sandalwood, neroli—and evoking the towns of Cadaques, El Escorial, and Greco’s Garden. $84;

Niche perfume brand The Harmonist has launched its new Prequel Collection with Moon Glory. Inspired by two forces in Chinese astrology, the intoxicating fragrance encompasses the yin energy of the moon, while Sun Force, coming out later this year, channels the yang energy of the sun. With notes like Hawaiian jasmine, Hinoki wood, and organic honey, Moon Glory is a mix of aromas packaged in a sparkling Pochet glass silver bottle embellished with twinkling stars, charms, and feminine crescent moons, all designed by celebrated tattoo artist Dr. Woo. $336 for 1.7 fl. oz.;

Taking the whole-animal philosophy a step further, pioneering farm-to-table restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, New York, introduces a line of paper-thin, bright white bone china plates made from the bones of its own grass-fed cows. Plate, $145, water glass, $200;

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